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Are you being called to step into your Power?

If you have found this page, I am sure you are ready to embody Your True Self. You are being called to speak from your heart, to stand in your truth, to love yourself, to live a purposeful life.

The importance of Self Love cannot be dismissed. The center and core of your life-force vibration is your attitude towards yourself.  No matter what you have been taught to believe, you are a valuable and worthy HUMAN BEING. You must embrace this truth NOW!

I empower Women to find the tools they need to find ways to create conscious intentions to be more self-loving, self-forgiving and self-compassionate. If you are unsure of how to take care of yourself, I will give you the support you need to live your life by design instead of by default.

Heal Yourself To Heal The World!

I Heal Myself To Heal The World ~ Pilar

When we love ourselves, we tap into our inner magic.
The True Self is the real us, the inner genius
which is the best of our individual selves.

“Imagine your dreams as if they already exist. Speak as if they already exist.
Act as if they already exist.” ~ unknown

About Pilar

I am a mix of a business entrepreneur, medicine woman, warrior goddess, wild gypsy, mother, lover, young child, writer, healer and a yoga instructor with an intense passion for life, to love myself deeply, and to find  peace within myself.

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Thoughts + Stories About Healing Yourself To Heal The World


Filters.   Why do we filter ourselves? Why do we feel we have to be conscious and accommodate our feelings, our needs to please people, or to not hurt people's feelings? Why do we feel we can't be honest because we know people would get offended? . I [...]


Depression I have been taking a break from social media, I have been feeling depressed, I hesitated a little bit about whether I was going to be writing about this or not but I felt it was essential for me to do this, I know I am not [...]

Connecting with Mother Earth

Connecting with Mother Earth Mother Earth protects me and supports me, no matter whats happening, I am always protected by Mother Earth. . It doesn't mean that things are always easy, in the last few months I have had to face my fears, doubts, and I have had [...]

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